Play Hard.

Play is the highest form of research. It is also what keeps us sane.

All work and no play makes .NET developers very dull boys and girls. Dull boys and girls write dull code and that is the one thing we cannot allow. In order to keep our proverbial knives sharp we regularly send them out, together, so they can escape from escape rooms, shoot paint balls at each other, eat food, and drink drinks.

Team Building

Everyone gathers around a very imaginary, yet true to life problem, and solves the $H!T out of it, taking things a bit further than just coding. Last time we did this we made a marble coaster and linked Linkedin to our private database.


Our Competence Center Lead Joeri takes a few of your very own coding problems and turns them into cases as he guides you and your colleagues through every detail of the solution. Everyone present leaves the table a better coder

Coding Sessions

One of your more experienced co-workers takes the stage for a short moment of theory, steps back down into the trenches and makes sure everybody else gets with the program. Everyone present leaves the room upgraded, ready for battle


Making mistakes is the best way to learn, but it is not what our clients expect from us. Team4Talent’s custom applications offer you the coding equivalent of flight simulation so you can indulge in some after-hours crashing and burning before really taking to the skies.

Development Tracks

For those of you not familiar with Matthew 25:14-30: it is usually a wise decision not to put your precious talent in a hole in the ground. Our team will guide you with due diligence and make sure that you get to work on the right projects in order to keep evolving

Career Guidance

Each and every one of our developers is allotted an individual training budget, and is free to spend it on conferences and certificates in order to better master their chosen subject. We also have in-house courses that you can attend. You’re never to old to learn.

Deep-Dive Courses

If you want personal coaching, personal coaching you will get! Our Competence Center Lead Joeri will be your go to guy for technical support and will help you find your way. Non-technical stuff you need help with? Our Competence Center Manager Judith constantly stares at her Slack account, so just holler if you need anything.


You think Oprah on her ‘Favorite Things’ is generous? Every month you’ll get a lovely amount of credits, which can be used for personal growth. You can use your credits in whichever way you see fit: a Pluralsight account, licenses, courses, books,… You get credits, you get credits, EVERYBODY GETS SOME CREDIIITS!

Credit System

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