N.E.R.D. referral program

Terms and conditions N.E.R.D

New Employee Referral Directive

Who can participate?

  • Everyone who believes they have a suitable candidate for Team4Talent can refer them, regardless of if you have worked with us in the past or not.
  • Recruitment, sales and admin profiles who already work for Team4Talent or any other company within the group are also able to participate in the N.E.R.D. campaign, but only when they refer profiles for internal positions.
  • Participants are at least 18 years of age.

Which candidates do we accept?

  • Team4Talent only accepts candidates who live in Belgium or the Netherlands, and wish to work in Belgium.
  • Team4Talent does not have any active contact with the candidate, at the time that the candidate is referred.
  • The candidate is currently searching for a new permanent position, a job as a consultant, or a temporary freelance position.
  • The candidate knows that Team4Talent will contact him/her.
  • You cannot send yourself in as a N.E.R.D. candidate. However, Team4Talent is always searching for talented colleagues, so would love to receive your application nonetheless.
  • Team4Talent decides with which candidates it will continue in the hiring process. The reasons behind this decision cannot be discussed.
  • Candidates can be referred proactively.

How do you refer someone?

  • For the referral to be valid, it must happen via email. Please send the candidate’s name, contact details (email address and mobile number), and a recent resume to referral@team4talent.be.
  • When you refer a candidate, you give Team4Talent the permission to process your personal information, as well as the candidate’s, for our N.E.R.D. campaign.


  • The referrer qualifies for the remuneration if the candidate is placed by a client within 3 months of referral. This also means that if a candidate was referred to us 6 months ago, but we only find a suitable job for him/her now, the referrer will not receive remuneration.
  • The referrer will be notified within 5 weekdays after placement of candidate.
  • The referrer will receive 50% of the remuneration when the candidate starts his job, and 50% after 3 months of employment.
  • Total, the referrer will receive vouchers worth €1000 as remuneration.
  • The vouchers will be sent per mail to the referrer. Team4Talent isn’t responsible for what happens to the vouchers after they are handed over to the post office.

Additional information

  • When two different referrers refer the same candidate, only the first one to make the referral qualifies for the remuneration. Team4Talent’s decision on it cannot be discussed.
  • There is no limit to the amount of referrals a referrer can do.
  • The N.E.R.D. campaign and its remuneration is valid from the moment is goes live on the website, without retroaction.

Legal terms

  • There is no legal relationship between Team4Talent and the referrer
  • The referrer is responsible for the candidate’s approval to share its personal details with Team4Talent. In other words, Team4Talent is never guilty for shared information, without consent of the candidate.
  • Team4Talent is obliged to treat all information about the candidate confidentially. For more information, please read our privacy notice.
  • In case of a dispute regarding the terms and conditions, Team4Talent’s decision is final and not up for discussion.
  • Team4Talent cannot be held responsible for:
    • Loss of remuneration
    • Any damage or complaints that may be a consequence of the referral of a candidate
    • Any damage or complaints that may be a consequence of the use of the remuneration
    • Other possible charges coming from using the remuneration
  • Team4Talent has the right to add to, adapt or retract these terms and conditions at any time